Welcome you all to Gallery Gold, the art hub of Kolkata. Being an art lover it is indeed a great pleasure to be among the artists from all over the world.
Gallery Gold is not only an art gallery but an art centre which showcase the art skill of different artists from India and abroad.
The mission of Gallery Gold is to encourage and inspire young talented artists from different field to showcase their creativity through different media.
A nd the vision is to promote and foster the art works of young and talented artists through different platforms and network, so that they can sustain and survive with their creativity to a higher value.
I need your support and blessings to move forward.
I am grateful to our Hon’bl Governor Shree M K Narayanan and The First Lady Shreemati Padmini Narayanan who have kindly consented to inaugurate this gallery and give their blessings.
I am also thankful to all the senior and emerging artists who made this gallery a flourishing art hub.